12 June 2019

Press release: New Chair announced for the Association of Dental Hospitals

The Association of Dental Hospitals, which represents the voices of dental hospitals across the UK and Ireland, has elected Professor Tilly Loescher as its new Chair. Professor Loescher is Clinical Director at the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital in Sheffield.

On her new role, Professor Loescher said,

“I am excited to be taking up the role of Chair of the Association of Dental Hospitals. Through the Association, collaboration between hospitals has increased considerably and it has allowed the facilitation of further specialised groups. This includes a Dental Nursing Management and Education Committee and a new Celtic Nations Group allowing greater focus on issues affecting the devolved nations. Our annual Quality & Safety day enables clinical directors and general managers to share best practice , including on ADH projects such as mainstreaming of approaches to antimicrobial stewardship. These connections help to build a stronger voice for dental hospitals.”

“The landscape of dental healthcare is changing and the sector needs to address crucial issues such as those relating to ‘Never Events’, tariff reform and the implementation of a new NHS workforce strategy. To be leaders of change it is therefore essential that we continue to share the collective expertise of the group, as well as promote sustained and long-term engagement with key stakeholders. Dr Macpherson has done a terrific job leading the Association for the last few years. I look forward to continuing this work alongside colleagues both in ADH and across dental healthcare.”

Professor Loescher succeeds Dr Avril Macpherson, Clinical Director at Liverpool University Dental Hospital, who said,

‘My time as Chair of the Association of Dental Hospitals has been an enjoyable and productive experience. I would like to thank my colleagues for all their hard work and I look forward to working with Tilly and the leadership she will bring.”



  • The Association of Dental Hospitals (ADH) is the key representative body for dental hospitals across the UK and Ireland. It works to promote the role of the dental hospital and ensure that hospitals can continue to improve patient care through delivering quality service, supporting dental teaching and championing innovation and research. For further information about the work of the Association of University Hospitals please see

For more information regarding this press release or the work of the Association, please contact Edward Knight, Senior Communications Officer, at or on 020 7419 5427.