15 January 2020

An update on our stakeholder work

The ADH currently works with a number of stakeholders and has representatives on the appropriate committees of these stakeholders.  Likewise these stakeholders send representatives to the ADH Meetings details of the stakeholders and representatives are as below:


British Dental Association Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services

Chair – Peter Dyers,  ADH Representative – Kevin Fairbrother

The Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services (CCHDS) is a craft committee of the BDA. It is concerned with all matters that affect dental staff working in hospitals on dental and medical terms and conditions. It advises the BDA and its other committees on all matters relating to the provision, maintenance and enhancement of efficient, effective and economical hospital dental and dental public health services.

This committee holds an annual study day and topics range from specialty specific to general topics that affect all hospital dentists.

British Dental Association

British Dental Association CCDHS Committee


Dental Schools Council

Chair Chris Deery  :  ADH Representative – Tilly Loescher

The Dental Schools Council is the representative body for dental schools across the UK and Ireland.  It is the authoritative voice of dental education in the UK and Ireland, engaging in representative and policy work on matters relating to dental education as a whole. The Dental Schools Council works to maintain and improve quality in education, clinical training and research.

The GDC are half way through their visits to dental schools. The GDC’s consultation topics included learning outcomes and the creation of review processes. The Dental Schools are preparing for the Research Funding Exercise Return.

Dental Schools Council


General Dental Council

Specialty Development Working Group; ADH Representative – Avril Macpherson

GDC Workshop Development of GDC principles for regulatory decision-making; ADH Representative -Samantha Salaver

GDC Workshop Developing new guidance for managers of dental professionals; ADH Representative – Tilly Loescher

The General Dental Council (GDC) is the UK-wide statutory regulator of around 110,000 members of the dental team.  The primary purpose is to protect patient safety and maintain public confidence in dental services.   To achieve this, the GDC register qualified dental professionals, set standards for the dental team, and investigate complaints about dental professionals’ fitness to practise, and work to ensure the quality of dental education

General Dental Council


Clinical Quality Commission – Dental Reference Group

ADH Representative – Avril Macpherson

CQC monitor, inspect and regulate services to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety.   CQC publish their findings, including performance ratings to help people choose care.   CQC set out what good and outstanding care looks like and they make sure services meet fundamental standards below which care must never fall.   Where CQC find poor care, they will use their powers to take action.



The National Patient Safety Improvement Programme (NatPatSIP)

(NHS England and NHS Improvement)

ADH Representative for Never Events in Dentistry – Mike Pemberton

The programme is delivered by 15 regionally-based Patient Safety Collaboratives (PSCs). The PSCs are each commissioned through one of 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs). NatPatSIP supports two areas of work:

  • Preventing deterioration and sepsis:
  • Adoption and spread of effective, evidence-based practice
    • Includes the Never Events Policy and Framework which sets out the NHS’s policy on Never Events. It explains what they are and how staff providing and commissioning NHS-funded services should identify, investigate and manage the response to them. It is relevant to all NHS-funded care.
    • Latest update on ADH website with clarification that a wrong site dental local anaesthetic block is not a never event

NHSE & I – website and programmes


Office of Chief Dental Office

The overall aim is to offer NHS England-NHS Improvement a sustainable operating model that secures timely access to high quality dental care, delivers on the commitment to prevention and contributes to population health improvement.   In maintaining momentum on maintaining and improving oral health in England, they are focused on:

  • Increasing understanding that oral health is integral to overall health and well-being
  • Child Oral Health – Starting well endorsed as evidence based initiative. To continue expansion of innovative & Flexible commissioning models (Starting Well Plus for London)
  • Commitment to improve oral Health of children / young people in special education settings.  A suite of complimentary activities for prevention and intervention
  • Improving access to oral health care, oral disease prevention and interventions
    • Upgrade support to all care home residents. A suite of complimentary activities to ensure support for good oral health
  • Supporting the workforce in fulfilling its potential in providing care and addressing health inequality & improving quality of life

ADH receives regular updates from Office of Chief Dental Office.

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