The Association of Dental Hospitals is a membership organisation which represents the voices of dental hospitals across the UK and Ireland. Below you can find a summary of the latest ADH meeting. 

The executive committee of ADH met on 3rd June 2019 in London. Members updated the group on the progress of various projects and queries. This included recent collaborative work to clarify students’ and teachers’ indemnity cover for those scenarios outside the archetypal relationship of student to NHS trust, for example, arrangements for short-term placements and international students.

ADH’s sub-committees are represented on the board. Samantha Salaver, chair of ADH dental nurses’ group, reported that the committee is currently researching ratios of nurses to patients for different scenarios.

Providing expertise and advice is a key part of ADH’s mission to improve the quality of patient care and dental training by sharing information and providing expertise to other groups and committees. Therefore, a key part of meetings is to examine external representation and provide updates from attendances. ADH recently nominated members to attend the meetings of the HEE currencies and tariffs group.

Rebecca Cooper from the GDC visited the meeting to provide a briefing on the regulator’s corporate strategy for 2020-2022. ADH responded to the consultation on the strategy (since closed). Members asked Rebecca Cooper, on behalf of the GDC, a series of questions on a range of topics, for example, on the fairness of the current fees system.

ADH’s next meeting will be its annual Quality and Safety day, held in Manchester. The group will share best practice and updates on projects undertaken to improve care for patients, including a presentation of a comparative data-set of the use of antimicrobial drugs at dental hospitals.