Dental Nursing Management and Education Committee

The purpose of the ADH Dental Nursing Management and Education Committee is to be a source for informed opinion and advice on all matters concerning patient care, safety & education. This includes benchmarking and other issues relating to the functions of the Dental Hospitals in the UK and Ireland.


  1. 1. To be the key representative body for dental hospitals in the UK and Ireland
  2. 2. To agree and oversee committee work plans
  3. 3. To communicate responsibilities and ensure objectives are met
  4. 4. To develop dental nursing profile
  5. 5. To oversee design and finalise any presentations on behalf of the group
  6. 6. To agree communication plan
  7. 7. To be responsible for committee succession planning


The committee is led by an elected chair, which is currently Samantha Salaver, Guys and St Thomas Hospital.

Terms of Reference can be found here.