About the Association of Dental Hospitals

The voice for dental hospitals across the UK and Ireland

The Association of Dental Hospitals is a membership organisation which represents the voices of dental hospitals across the UK and Ireland. Our membership consists of dental hospitals/academic clinical facilities which provide dental services, and have a significant commitment to NHS funded undergraduate and/or postgraduate dental students.

Over the last thirty years the management of dental hospitals has become separate from the management of dental schools, yet the two remain strongly collaborative in nature. The purpose of the association is to provide a forum for the senior clinical management teams of dental hospitals, and a voice on all relevant issues.

Members of the Association of Dental Hospitals are the clinical director and the senior non-clinical manager (or equivalent to these roles) of the dental hospital. Our members are closely linked with a dental school, and are a part of larger health organisations, such as NHS Trusts, which have a strong focus on clinical service, teaching and research.


  1. 1. To be the key representative body for dental hospitals in the UK and Ireland*
  2. 2. To be a source for informed opinion and advice on all matters concerning patient care, dental teaching and training and other issues relating to the functions of dental hospitals in the United Kingdom and Ireland
  3. 3. To represent members and influence policy in relation to dental health
  4. 4. To act as a source of information and advice for members and facilitate the sharing of experience and best practice
  5. 5. To maintain and improve the quality in patient care and dental training
  6. 6. To engage in discussion and collaboration with other bodies and stakeholders where relevant to the benefit of the function of dental hospitals and for wider benefit of the dental health landscape
  7. 7. To serve as a point of reference for the media
  8. 8. To promote equal opportunities in all matters relating to the dental workforce

(*membership as set out in the constitution)

The association is led by an elected chair, which is currently Professor Tilly Loescher, Clinical Director of Charles Clifford Dental Services. The full membership meets twice a year and an elected Executive Committee meets quarterly to help steer the work of the organisation. The Association of Dental Hospitals Constitution can be found here.